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Why SolarWing Carports?

SolarWing is an architecturally sensitive solar canopy that complements building design, signage, wayfinding and parking while contributing to your company’s environmental commitment. Meeting both Class A building aesthetics and structural strength, SolarWing is the only carport and charging station designed by architects and engineers.

Environmental Benefits:
  • Earns or contributes to 10 LEED certification points.
  • Integrated LED lighting cuts parking lot lighting costs by more than 70%.
  • Certified by the Greener Product Institute.
  • Dramatically reduces your facility's carbon footprint and generates significant carbon credits.
  • Sends zero waste to the landfill through offsite fabrication.
  • Our “available parking” system decreases carbon emissions with faster parking times.
  • Integrates electric vehicle [ev] chargers and other eco-friendly amenities.

1,270 Barrels of oil saved annually by replacing traditional electrical energy with typical SolarWing installation.

Thinking about rooftop solar? Think again.

Every commercial and institutional building faces the same problem: energy is the biggest expense for any building owner. And that bill is expected to rise by around 11 per cent every year. It’s a known fact that solar energy can off-set energy costs. But nobody wants to install solar on their roofs. Why? Because most roofs and equipment needs regular visual inspections and maintenance. And everyone is concerned about the structural integrity of their roof. But there is a logical place for solar installations. Large buildings have large parking lots which cost money and don’t make money for their owners. Traditional solar panels on existing parking structures create new problems. They block signage, block buildings, are unsightly and are inefficient.

SolarWing is an innovative solar solution. It’s an architectural, prefabricated, well-engineered canopy system designed to produce solar energy in a parking lot. Because it puts power directly into the grid, SolarWing turns your parking lot into a solar energy power plant that will off-set your rising energy costs. Not only does SolarWing energize your parking lot, SolarWing provides day time shade and night time lighting for your customers and employees.