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Invest in Solar

In addition to providing electric vehicle charging, SolarWing also provides significant return on investment whether you buy or lease your system, or buy the power through a Power Purchase Agreement.

Our financing options optimize available rebates and incentives from government and utility companies. And while every case is different, in general, SolarWing provides four different financing options:

Pay Up Front Organizations can simply pay for the entire up-front cost of the system, which offers significant tax advantages and an immediate return on investment from the power generated by SolarWing.

Pay Over Time SolarWing has access to financing options that allow organizations to pay for the system over time, spreading out the investment but still creating savings on energy costs.

Lease the System Lease the SolarWing system with an option to purchase at the end of the lease. This provides them with a chance to reap the benefits of SolarWing without significant capital investment.

Buy Power (where available) Organizations can have the SolarWing system installed on site and then just buy the power generated, allowing them to lock In their long-term power costs.