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Electric Vehicle [EV] Charging + SolarWing

olarWing is utilizing over 60 years of combined power electronics experiences of its principals to introduce a game-changing fast DC charging system in support of the electric vehicle systems and equipment (EVSE) market.

By 2017 there will be
7.7 Million
charging stations world wide.


of the global electric vehicle market will be in the United States by the year 2015

Gasoline vehicles cost
17.3¢ PER MILE
and are going up!

Electric vehicles cost
and are going down!


in one wing! Our patent pending design provides (9 panels) per parking space (18 panels per wing)

Enough power for your HOME and your ELECTRIC VEHICLE

Make Solarwing work for you.

SolarWing can provide enough power for your home and your electric vehicle.

At the turn of last century, in 1900, over 28% of cars on the US roads were electric vehicles (EV). By 1912 the number of electric vehicles on the road increased to 40% of the market share. In 2012, the market share for all electric vehicles was less than 0.5% of the market share. Imagine what would have happened if over the past century we had focused more on the development and refinement of EV technology vs. the internal combustion engines.

The proliferation of all-electric vehicles, whether it is stemmed from a renewed commitment and the passionate interest of a few unique entrepreneurs or the latest strategy driven by the big-auto, it all points to a turning point and signals another advent of the EV market; this time though, with staying power. Every market data points to this, be it the enabling technologies that, thus far were not quite ready, or the overwhelming public interest in reducing the use of fossil fuels, electric vehicles are not going away. Electric vehicles are indeed fulfilling a critical need of a sustainable economy and ecology system. The infrastructure to accelerate the adoption of a distributed renewable energy is being developed worldwide at a disruptive pace.