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Energizing Parking + EV Charging

SolarWing is an attractive, extremely efficient way of making the most solar energy through prefabricated parking structures that can dramatically cut large buildings' energy costs.

Economic Benefits:
  • Our patent-pending design optimizes solar orientation, producing significantly more power.
  • We are minimally invasive to parking lots, cutting construction times and disruption to your facility.
  • SolarWing pays for itself in as little as 10 years, with warranteed production for 25 years, providing a guaranteed flow of free energy for 15 years.
  • Escalating energy costs and demands means that the value of SolarWing energy production escalates as well, and provides a measure of energy independence.
  • Download EV Charging Informational Brochure

$50,000 In energy produced by each SolarWing over a 25-year period.


Solar Parking - Patent Pending Features

  • On-demand, level 3 EV fast charger
  • Our built-in lithium ion high energy module enables fast charging anytime/anywhere
  • SolarWing is available in three (3) Models: Grid-Interactive, Grid Back-Up, Off-Grid
  • Fully automated operation, safety and maintenance reporting is built-in
  • Ubiquitous global network connetion with 3G/4G, WiFi, VSAT or Iridium/Inmarsat Satellite Communication
  • Supporting smart phone application
  • Modular engineered design is shipped in as a kit from 1 unit to thousands
  • Entire SolarWing solar parking systems can be installed and commissioned overnight, from 1-1000 units
  • Our Solar parking structures are proudly designed and built in Austin, Texas, USA and shipped to the world
  • 28 years of engineering design and development of highly innovative products