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The Solar Opportunity

SolarWing helps commercial and institutional building owners harness sun energy and generate their own renewable energy in their parking lots. We do this either as a PRODUCT, our SolarWing parking structures, or through SERVICES to design, build, finance and maintain a solar parking system for you.

Think about the potential of producing your own clean energy from the sun. Imagine using this power at home, filling up your car, and driving to work. Consider the possibility of then charging your car again at work while your car is parked, and again repeating the cycle when you arrive at home. With SolarWing, all of this is now possible.

SolarWing Video Transcript: You have a parking lot, and you probably don't think much about it. You just see it as a place to park and perhaps the only part of your facility that doesn't help increase your profitability or achieve your mission. We see something different. We see an opportunity for you to save millions of dollars in energy costs. We see a way for you to provide covered parking in an attractive, functional way for your employees and customers. We're SolarWing, and we're energizing parking through prefabricated shade structures that generate a significant amount of energy. Using our patent-pending, award-winning design, SolarWing creates electricity for your building, lowering your energy bills. The parking structures can include such features as security, advertising, or even electric car chargers. The covered parking is great, but the energy savings are dramatic, as much as $87,000 per structure, over a 25 year period. SolarWing's efficiency creates a tremendous return on investment. We provide financing options for just about any organization, and in some cases, government and utility company incentives can cover up to 80% of it's costs. Depending on the installation, SolarWing can pay for itself in as little as 10 years. You see a parking lot, we see the future. We're SolarWing, and we're energizing parking.